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Sanctuary Garden Offices

Wooden Garden Annexe Elizabeth

Wooden Garden Annexe Elizabeth

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Elizabeth is a great garden room to be productive and focused at work, but also enjoy your favorite leisure activities. Whatever the purpose you use it for, whether it be a guest house, a home office, or somewhere for some recreational activities, you’ll enjoy the light and spacious interior of this house.



Elizabeth is designed to stand grandiosely in the corner of a garden. Large windows open beautiful views of your garden. The insulated walls create a feeling of security and comfort.

As the perfect place for leisure activities, for a light-filled and spacious home office, or for relaxing and reading, Elizabeth is a stylish garden shed that offers a welcome change in every garden.

Although this contemporary garden house consists of many different parts and materials, it fits in one of our flat packages to transport, which means that it can be quickly delivered to the customer when sold. Because our log products are carefully manufactured and easy to assemble, they can be installed by both skilled personnel and the customers themselves.



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